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Farm Festival 収穫祭

Hello everyone! This is Steven, the CIR in Seika. I’d like to write about an event I attended recently. みなさんこんにちは!精華町の国際交流員、スティーブンです。今日は最近参加したイベントについて書きたいと思います。 On Sunday, September 2nd, Seika Global Network organized a trip to the 19th Annual Cross-Cultural Farm Harvest Festival in Fukuchiyama, … Continue reading

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Disaster Preparedness Orientation in Oyamazaki 京都府総合防災訓練

Hi! This is Alice, the CIR at Kyoto Prefectural International Center. Today I would like to write about disaster preparedness. こんにちは!京都府国際センターの国際交流員、アリスです。今日は防災訓練について書きたいと思います。 After the Great Kanto Earthquake in Tokyo in 1923. Japan has marked September 1st as national disaster preparedness day. … Continue reading

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American Kids Summer Camp アメリカン・キッズ夏休み活動体験

Hey everyone, Margaret from Kameoka here. I’d like to share my recent summer camp event with you. 亀岡市のマーガレットです。先月行ったサマーキャンプのイベントを紹介したいと思います。 On August 19th, I organized a one day summer camp event for kids in Kameoka. When I was growing up in the … Continue reading

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