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French Traditional Dance フランスの伝統舞踊

Hi! This is Alice, the CIR at KPIC. On Sunday, September 30th, I organized a French traditional dance event at the Center and it was a lot of fun! 京都府国際センター国際交流員のアリスです。9月30日(日)にセンターでフランス伝統舞踊のイベントを開催して、本当に楽しかったです! Bonjour ! Le dimanche 30 septembre, j’ai organisé un évènement de … Continue reading

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けいはんな市民雑学大学多文化共生発表 Multiculturalism Presentation in Kizugawa

On September 22nd I was invited to speak at the Kizugawa City “Keihanna Citizens Zatsugaku University” Study group about my work as a CIR and the general state of multiculturalism in Japan, as well as implications of the current problems … Continue reading

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