9th Cross-Cultural Forum 第9回クロスカルチュラル・フォーラム

Hello! This is Steven, the CIR from Seika. I’d like to tell everyone about the 9th Cross-Cultural Forum, held in Seika Hall in the Seika Town Office on Sunday, January 27th.


This year’s Cross-Cultural Forum was sponsored jointly by the Town of Seika, Seika Global Network, and the Cross-Cultural Project (XCP). The theme was “Family Across Cultures and Generations.” The event featured three guest speakers, as well as a presentation by students from Seika Nishi Junior High School.


The first presentation was by Lis Weiji Kanashiro Pereira. Ms. Pereira, a Brazilian of Japanese descent, started off her presentation by giving a basic introduction of both Brazil as a country and the status of ethnic Japanese people in Brazil. She also talked about the structure of families in Brazil, such as the prevalence of elderly people living with their children rather than entering nursing homes.


Ms. Pereira ペレイラさん


Next was the presentation by the International Exchange Club from Seika Nishi Junior High School. The students presented the results of a survey they had distributed to their school asking about family life. Some of the answers to the survey were quite illuminating. For instance, a majority of respondents identified their mother as the family member they talked to most often. To me, the fact that more students talked to their mothers more often than their siblings was surprising.


The students 中学生たち

The students 中学生たち

After the middle schoolers’ presentation came a talk by Yasuhiro Minami, a researcher at NTT Communications, about infants’ language acquisition. Mr. Minami’s presentation stood out for its hard scientific data and technical subject matter. He mentioned, for instance, that children have a “vocabulary explosion” at some point where the number of words they know experiences a sudden, dramatic increase. As someone who interacts with small children a lot, I found Mr. Minami’s talk to be quite interesting.


Mr. Minami 南さん

Mr. Minami 南さん

The final talk came from Yingying Sun. Ms. Sun discussed the status of marriage in her home country of China. My impression from her presentation was that, unlike the West and its premium on finding “true love,” China emphasizes financial stability in its marriages. One commonality according to Ms. Sun’s speech, however, was the interaction between the wife and the mother-in-law. In the West, women are often thought to dislike their mothers-in-law; it seems as though this relationship is often a fraught one in China as well.

Ms. Sun 孫さん

Ms. Sun 孫さん


The Cross-Cultural Forum provided a great opportunity to hear talks about different subjects by people from a variety of different backgrounds. If you get the chance to come in the future, make sure to check it out!


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