Homestay in Seika ホームステイin精華町

Hi, everyone! This is Steven from Seika. On Saturday, March 9th, Alice from the Kyoto Prefectural International Center and I attended the 2013 International Exchange Program event in Seika.


Seika FT

The event started off with all participants gathering at the Seika Town Office in the morning. The group included participants from a wide range of countries including China, Germany, Korea, Sweden, Turkey, and Ukraine. All in all, there were 23 participants.


Eating strawberries いちごを食べる参加者

Eating strawberries いちごを食べる参加者

After gathering at the town office, everyone got on a bus and headed to Kawanishi Strawberry Gardens to enjoy strawberry picking, often said to be the most famous attraction in Seika. Navigating the greenhouse where the strawberries were was a little difficult to the narrow pathways, but the strawberries were absolutely delicious. Everyone got to eat as many strawberries as they could pick in 30 minutes. The participants certainly made the most of the time!

Sweet strawberries anyone?甘いいちごはどうですか?

Sweet strawberries anyone?


Afterwards, everyone headed to the Mukunoki Center, where they were joined by the Japanese participants in the program. There, several of the participants volunteered to cook dishes from their respective countries. With the help of other participants, the cooking went smoothly, and before long everyone was enjoying a variety of dishes such as mochi from Japan, scallion pancakes from Korea, egg-tomato stir fry from China, xiaolongbao from Mongolia, and strawberry pancakes from Seika. By the end, everyone was quite full.


Cooking together 一緒に料理をしよう


It was then time for the participants to meet their host families and leave with them to spend the rest of the afternoon and the next day together. Hopefully they enjoyed Seika and the beautiful spring weather we had during this weekend!

Many participants said that getting to try Seika’s sweet strawberries and cooking and eating together with the locals were very good experiences. They were also happy that they got to meet Japanese families and other international students as well.


Ready at last! できあがり!

Ready at last! できあがり!


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