World Festa 2013 in Kameoka

Hello everyone! This is Margaret, CIR from Kameoka. Today I’d like to tell you about the World Festa 2013 held at the Galleria Kameoka on Sunday, March 10th.


The World Festa is an annual event sponsored by the Kameoka International Exchange Association. However, the event was expanded this year in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the Kameoka International Exchange Association. More than 300 people participated in this event, which featured taste testing booths with snacks and simple dishes from 12 different countries, as well as games and other cultural experience booths.


全体風景   Event Hall

全体風景 Event Hall

We started off the event with an opening ceremony including an introduction of Kameoka’s sister cities and friendship city (Knittelfeld, Austria; Jandira, Brazil; Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA; and Suzhou, China). Each of these cities sent us a congratulatory video letter and photographs that we shared with the members of the audience. This was an exciting new way for us to use technology to bridge the distance between us and our friends in our sister cities and friendship city.


姉妹都市の展示  Sister Cities Exhibit

姉妹都市の展示 Sister Cities Exhibit

Next we introduced the theme of this year’s event—“What is multiculturalism?”—through an original play of the same title written and produced by members of the International Exchange Association planning committee. “Multiculturalism” occurs when people of different ethnicity and nationalities accept one another’s cultural differences and live together on equal terms so that all people can contribute their own personal skills to society.


オリジナル劇  Original Play

オリジナル劇 Original Play

Then we opened the food booths. International residents from 12 different countries, including Kyoto Prefecture CIRS Alice Bonamy and Mark Garratt, shared food from their home countries with the participants. Participants were able to try snacks and simple food from Japan, Korea (Unified Korea), France, Scotland, South Africa, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


飲食ブース  Food Booths

飲食ブース Food Booths

飲食ブース  Food Booths

飲食ブース Food Booths

After that we had free exchange time, where participants could learn to play games from all over the world, try on traditional clothing from other countries, join an English discussion group, and much more.


As a closing, one of our staff members from Brazil took the stage and taught us all how to Samba.


サンバ  Samba

サンバ Samba

 At the World Festa, people can not only try foods from all over the world, but also meet people from different countries, and experience other cultures through food, games, and dancing. I believe it is a meaningful event that will help raise awareness about the necessity of creating a multicultural society. I hope that in the future Kameoka will continue this and other events and work to become a society where all people can live together as equal participants in the community.



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