French sweets cooking class in Kyotango – フランスのお菓子 料理教室in京丹後

KyotangoHi! This is Alice from KPIC. The cherry blossoms have ended and spring is finally here!
On March 16th, I did a French cooking class in Kyotango City. This time, it was a dessert cooking class in the afternoon where we cooked 3 sweets: chocolate mousse, yoghurt cake and crepes.


Egg whites are ready! 白身を泡立てました!

Egg whites are ready!

We first started with the mousse as it needs to be refrigerated 3 hours or more before actually turning into a mousse. The sweet smell of chocolate started to float around the room as participants melted the chocolate and got started. The hardest part when doing a mousse is to get the right consistency. To do so, you have to beat the egg whites until they get thicker and they shouldn’t fall even if you turn the bowl over. It was funny to watch everybody do so and be excited when the whites stayed at the bottom!

Once the mousse was ready, we put it into cups and in the refrigerator.



Chocolate mousse! チョコレートムース

Chocolate mousse!

Explaining the yoghurt cake ヨーグルトケーキの作り方を説明する

Explaining the yoghurt cake

The yoghurt cake is a really popular and easy to do French cake. Basically, you use one yoghurt’s carton to measure all the other ingredients, put everything together, mix, add the flavor or fruits you like and bake. In France, even 3 year old children can bake this cake, so it’s really popular for picnics, parties and rainy Sundays.


Yoghurt cake! ヨーグルトケーキ出来上がり!

Yoghurt cake!

For the crepes, I always use my grandmother’s recipe which is… to put orange peel into the batter! It’s always a success even if it’s quite bothersome to grate a whole orange.

How to add the orange peel into the batter 生地にオレンジの皮を入れる

How to add the orange peel into the batter

To make good crepes you have to make sure that everything is well blended without lumps, add a few drops of vanilla essence and sugar until you cannot feel the taste of flour anymore and the batter itself tastes sweet. Use only one ladleful of batter in a heated fry pan, spread it using round movements, cook until both sides are colored and you have a wonderful French crepe! As in Japan, we put fruits, whipped cream, jam, honey, chocolate inside the crepes but the most common way of eating them is with either sugar or Nutella.

Spread the batter in the fry pan フライパンで生地を広げる

Spread the batter in the fry pan



Time to eat! 食事タイム!

Time to eat!

It was quite tight to make 3 desserts in 2h30 but we managed to finish everything on time and eat all together, although the mousse was better after leaving it a whole night in the fridge!

I really like Kyotango with its pretty beach, delicious food, onsens and warm people! Especially their accent! I hope I will have other occasions in the future to take the Kyotango people to France for a few hours!



Chocolate mousse, crepes and yoghurt cake. チョコレートムース、クレープとヨーグルトケーキ

Chocolate mousse, crepes and yoghurt cake.

Let me know if you want the recipes!


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