3rd Annual American Kids 第3回の「アメリカン・キッズ」

Hey everyone, Margaret from Kameoka here. I’d like to share my recent event “American Kids” with you.


On May 25th, we held the 3rd annual American Kids summer day camp for kids in Kameoka. When I was growing up in the United States, I participated in summer camps every year during our 3 month summer vacation, and I am glad I have had the chance to share some of my experiences with the kids of my town.


I designed the event as a one day camp where I could teach camp craftsand games to the kids. I asked 3 of the Kyoto CIRs (Steven, Alice, and Mark), and 2 of Kameoka’s ALT’s (Lars and Mason) to help me out. Rather than try to teach English, I wanted the kids to have the chance to learn about games and crafts played by kids in America and to have a chance to interact with people from a different culture.



Staff Members スタッフ

We began with an ice-breaking activity to get the kids loosened up. We stood in a circle and had to pass a balloon around the circle without using our hands. It was especially difficult when there was a big height difference. The kids all seemed kind of nervous at first, but by the end of the game they were all laughing and making friends with the CIRs and ALTs.


Ice Breaking アイスブレーキング

Ice Breaking アイスブレーキング

This year we introduced a very difficult but very popular craft: a dreamcatcher. A dreamcatcher is a traditional Native American protective charm. If you hang it over your bed it will catch nightmares in the net and they will disappear, but good dreams will pass through the center hole and travel down the “legs” and into your head.



Dreamcatcher ドリームキャッチャー

Many of the kids had trouble with the intricate weaving, but with the help of the parents and staff members, each kid made their own beautiful dreamcatcher.


Making Dreamcatchers   ドリームキャッチャー作り

Making Dreamcatchers   ドリームキャッチャー作り


Making Dreamcatchers   ドリームキャッチャー作り

Then it was time for the relay races. First the kids had to race with a tennis ball between their knees. Some tried to run and some tried to jump, but everyone had a good time. Then, the kids learned the American style crab walk.



Tennis Ball Relay テニスボールリレー


American Crab Walk アメリカのカニウォーク

We finished up with a special English book introducing body parts and movements. All the kids joined in yelling out the answers and had great fun copying the motions together even though only three hours before they had been strangers. That’s the power of camp!



Reading an English Book    英語の絵本の読み聞かせタイム


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