Providence’s Summer Event: WaterFire プロビデンス市のサマーイベント「ウォーターファイアー」

Hi, everyone! Steven from Seika here. For this article, I’d like to do something different and tell everyone about a famous event that goes on in my hometown of Providence, Rhode Island every summer.



Photo by James Turner

The event, WaterFire, dates back to the mid-90s, when artist Barnaby Evans placed braziers on the three rivers that run through downtown Providence and lit them, creating a beautiful nighttime view. His project was so popular that the people who saw it convinced him to make it a regular event and started a non-profit organization to that end. Ever since, the number of braziers has increased, and millions of visitors, both domestic and international, come every year to see the flames dance upon the river at night.



Photo by James Turner

WaterFire is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Providence, and is valued by the local community for its role in helping revitalize downtown Providence. The average attendance on a given night is 40,000, but it can range from anywhere between 10,000 and 100,000. Despite its large scale (the annual budget is approximately 1.6 million dollars), WaterFire only receives approximately 10% of its funds from the government, with the rest coming from private citizens and businesses.


Photo by Jon Waugh


WaterFire also features other attractions besides the beauty of the flames. Examples from this year include a capoeira demonstration and a Bolivian music performance. Also, of course, with the sheer number of people attending, the atmosphere is very festive.



Photo by David Amadio

The WaterFire is a really cool event, so please be sure to visit Providence sometime in the summer and check it out!



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