An afternoon of Bingo game about France – フランスについてのビンゴゲーム

Alice from Kyoto Prefectural International Center here!
京都府国際センター 国際交流員のアリスです!

On September 28th, I went to Kizugawa’s exchange hall to introduce France. This time, the audience was mainly composed of elderly people, so I prepared something fun to learn while playing. I created a Bingo game with a theme associated to each number.
Therefore, when a number came out, participants filled their bingo grid and listened to my explanations about the associated theme.


Many numbers came out so I had time to explain about French speaking countries in the world, French dishes, desserts and cuisine culture, yearly events such as Christmas, world heritage sites in Bordeaux, education and medical systems, the particularities of French people (gesture, personality, ways of working), the state of marriage in France etc.


I like to call the image that Japanese people have of France a “VIP image”. Often, France is only associated with luxury brands (Vuitton, Chanel etc), Paris, high-end cuisine and haute couture. People do not know about the daily lives of French people, the events going on during the year, the food we eat at home or how our schools work for example.


For example, did you hear about “Chandeleur” or “la galette des rois”? The first one is a crepe day in February, when everybody is cooking crepes at home. The second one is celebrated in January, and people eat a special cake called a “galette”, hoping to find the lucky charm hidden in the cake to become the “king” or “queen” for the day.


Many people were also surprised to know that contrary to Japan, specialist schools are more valued than universities, and that public university costs “only” 300 euros a year. They were also startled to know that less people are getting married but still start a family under a special marriage contract called “PACS”, which is looser than actual marriage, and that people usually live together for years before getting married.


It was also really fun to teach them the gestures we use in everyday conversation and how French people like to complain about everything just for the sake of it (but it doesn’t always mean we are unhappy about everything!).


Participants sounded happy to learn a lot of casual and fun facts about France while playing Bingo, and I hope I will have the chance to introduce France to many other areas and people of Kyoto Prefecture.


Bingo game about France フランスに関するビンゴゲーム

Bingo game about France

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