Day trip and Homestay in Kameoka –Making Japanese soba- 亀岡探訪ツアー&ホームステイ ~そば打ち体験~

On the 12th and 13th of October, exchange students and foreigner residents from Kyoto Prefecture participated in a day trip and homestay event organized by the Kameoka International Exchange Association..

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Participants from China, Taiwan, Georgia, and Tonga met at Kameoka Station at 10AM and then headed to Inukanno in Nishibetsuin-cho to try out making soba noodles. This venue located up in the hills between Kameoka and Osaka has been introduced on national television and has had an increase of visitors since.

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The group used a roller and a special knife to make their soba noodles. The soba noodles that they made were then cooked and ready to be served. The noodles that our group made ended up being fatter than our ordinary soba noodles but the taste was close to perfect. It seemed like everyone enjoyed their first experience of making soba noodles.

 20131012110749 20131012111854 20131012115114

From the afternoon, the group travelled to Galleria Kameoka to join in a tea ceremony activities organized by Kyoto Gakuen University’s Tea Ceremony Club. There were some who have done it before and there were also first timers. They learnt about tea ceremony and many were amazed at the practice.
午後からは、ガレリアかめおかで京都学園大学 茶道部のお手前を披露してもらい茶道体験をした。初めて体験する人もおり、作法に戸惑いながらも茶道を学びました。

20131012134556 20131012130816

After their tea ceremony experience, the group met their host families. They introduced themselves to each other and spent the night with them.

20131012143724 20131012143742


At their homestays, the exchange students participated in sport events and local festivals and spent time playing their host families children.We received feedback from the exchange students such as, “I was glad that I could learn about Japanese culture” and “I want to do a longer homestay”.

20131013165935 20131013170018 20131013170000

We received feedback from the exchange students such as, “I was glad that I could learn about Japanese culture” and “I want to do a longer homestay”.We also received many positive feedbacks from the host families such as “It was a good experience to learn about other countries and hear stories about life in Japan”, and “I want to apply again for this program”.

We hope the participants enjoyed their time and were able to teach a little bit about Japanese culture.

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