The 11th Annual Seika Children’s Festival 第11回精華町子ども祭り

Hi everyone, Steven from Seika here. The topic for this post will be the Seika Children’s Festival, which took place on Saturday, October 19th in Seika’s Mukunoki Center. I attended the festival to assist with the booth run by Seika Global Network, a private international exchange association which works together with the Seika town government.


Seika Global Network’s booth was a game modeled on the popular American game Twister. Have you heard of it before? The game involves a mat with rows of dots, each row being a different color. Players are given color-based directions on where to put their limbs; for instance, if told “right hand red,” players must put their right hand on a red dot. Players aren’t allowed to rest on their knees or buttocks for support, so the idea of the game is that they get contorted into different shapes and possibly collapse (which means they lose!).


Hang in there! がんばって!

Hang in there! がんばって!

In this particular game, I was the one telling the players where to put their hands and feet. The children who participated in the game had to listen to instructions (in English) and make sure they didn’t fall. If they could go approximately 15 minutes without losing, they won and received a piece of American chocolate as a reward.


Many of the children seemed to find the game quite challenging, but it looked as if they enjoyed themselves. If nothing else, they sure seemed to enjoy receiving chocolate afterwards.


Thanks to everyone who participated! See you next time!



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