Christmas Candle Event in Kizugawa City

Brian from Kizugawa City here.

On December 7th, Kyotanabe City, Seika Town, and Kizugawa City had a candle-making event for Christmas. The CIRs of the three municipalities – me, Polly, and Steven got together to host this Christmas event.


 3 towns event

3 towns event

First, we introduced the American and British traditions for Christmas, as well as Hanukkah. We sang Christmas and Hanukkah songs and we made Christmas candles. The candles were eco-friendly candles made from expired oil, oil solidifier, crayons, and essential oil.


 3 towns event

We taught the kids “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” As expected, many kids knew the melody but didn’t know the lyrics. We started from pronunciation and played games with them.

そして、「We Wish You A Merry Christmas」を一緒に歌いました。ほとんどの参加者はメロディを知っていましたが、歌詞が分かりませんでした。発音の練習をして、歌のゲームをしました。

 3 towns event

Lastly, we wrote our Christmas wishes together.

3 towns eventI felt that we brought some of the Christmas festivity and sentiment from home to Japan. Even though it was a little early, I was happy that we could gather and celebrate together.


Merry Christmas, everyone! And please look forward to our next event!


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