One Day Trip in Kameoka(ワンデートリップ in 亀岡)

Eric from Kameoka! 亀岡市のエリックです。

Kameoka FTOne Day Trip in Kameoka is a day trip program held every year organized by the Kameoka International Exchange Association and Kyoto Prefecture International Center. International and Japanese participants spend the morning exploring Kameoka, and in the afternoon the international participants visit their host families to enjoy various activities together. You can think of it as a homestay without staying the night.

It was a big group! 参加者が多かったです!

It was a big group!

This year, we had a total of 18 international participants from 13 different countries: Korea, Mongolia, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Swedem, India, Australia, Egypt, Thailand, Russia, America, England and 16 host families. We also received cooperation from The Kyoto Crocul Group, Kameoka Municipal Museum of Culture and Oomoto.

Taking a stroll among Kameoka's castle ruins 亀山城の跡を見学する

Taking a stroll among Kameoka’s castle ruins

After a very detailed explanation about Kameoka’s history at the Kameoka Municipal Museum of Culture, we went out to explore the old castle town before it started raining. Due to the rain we headed to Oomoto, which is located at the Kameyama Castle ruins. After an explanation of Oomoto, we went out to see the castle ruins. The autumn leaves could still be seen and was very beautiful.

Meeting with the host families ホストファミリーとの対面

Meeting with the host families

This time we had more than the expected number of participants, both international students and residents and host families. They had a great time talking and learning about each other and I’m sure they all enjoyed the event.


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