10th Cross-Cultural Forum クロスカルチュラルフォーラム第10回

Hello! This is Steven from Seika. I would like to talk about this year’s Cross-Cultural Forum, which I also wrote about last year. This year marked the 10th installment of the series, with a theme of “Women and Work.” This event took place in the Seika Town Office on Sunday, January 19th.



Ms. Zotti ゾッティさん

The first speaker was Ms. Patrizia Zotti of the Nara Institute for Science and Technology. Ms. Zotti cited some statistics regarding the status of working women in her native Italy. However, as a mother, she was also able to talk about her personal experience in Japan and hence offer a comparison of the two countries.



Ms. Konrad コンラードさん

After her was Irene Konrad of Osaka University. Ms. Konrad, originally from Austria, talked about the lives of herself, her mother, and her grandmother. Although her grandmother married and had children at a relatively young age, her mother was a career woman and did not have a family until later in life. Ms. Konrad expressed that she, too, was currently focused on academics and did not yet have a family.



Me 私

The last non-Japanese speaker was me. Of course, not being a woman (let alone a working mother), I was not totally sure if I was giving a comprehensive picture of working women in the United States. Nonetheless, I did my best to give an accurate impression of working women in the United States both through personal anecdotes about my mother and objective measures such as laws regarding maternity leave and statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Following the speeches were presentations by middle school students. Three students from Seika Minami Junior High School reflected on their experiences interning at local stores and hospitals, while students from Seika Nishi Junior High School showed the results of a questionnaire they distributed to all of the students at their school regarding attitudes about gender.



Ms. Kakutani 角谷さん

After that was a talk by Kuniko Kakutani about the month she spent in the United Kingdom. Ms. Kakutani received a grant from the Town of Seika to study English there along with a group of other people. The pictures she showed looked very beautiful!


The event ended with a presentation by Ms. Hiroko Hayashi, the founder of the Cross-Cultural Forum series. She showed a gender equality index comparing Japan to the three countries of the event’s speakers (Italy, Austria, and the United States) and talked about her research regarding the Japanese language.


Thanks for reading! Please look forward to the next event in Seika!

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