6th, 7th, and 8th International Education Lectures 国際交流サロン第6~8回

Steven from Seika here. In this article, I would like to talk about lectures I gave in January, February, and March. With these, my lecture series about America has ended, at least for the 2013 fiscal year.


The January lecture took place on Thursday, the 9th. The theme was demographic trends in the United States. Unlike Japan, the population of the United States is growing, thanks mostly to immigration. Also, while the American population is graying, it is not doing so at the same rate as the Japanese population; currently, approximately 1 in 8 Americans is 65 or over, compared to about 1 in 4 Japanese people. I also talked about how ethnic makeup varies by region, and how the American population is getting less and less white. In fact, the single largest source of immigrants to America now is Asia, although most of these immigrants come from China, India, and the Philippines, rather than Japan.


The February lecture took place on February 6th, also a Thursday. The subject was Japanese-American history. First, I explained that the word “Japanese-American” was not as straightforward as it seemed, and that there are people who do not necessarily identify with or speak the language of the country whose citizenship they hold. Then I talked about the history of Japanese immigration to the United States and the laws which not only limited such immigration but discriminated against people of Japanese descent already living in the United States. Of course, I also talked about World War II, both the internment of Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast and their contribution to the American war effort regardless. I then ended the lecture with current examples of Japanese culture in the United States.


Internment center 収容所


The final lecture for FY 2013 took place on Thursday, March 6th. I talked about the American entertainment industry, showing participants clips from various American television shows and movies. I talked about various types of shows, such as sitcoms, reality shows, and sports shows, and mentioned various popular genres. While some American shows and movies have become popular in Japan, I felt that these only reflect a portion of American media; hence, my goal was to show a representative cross-section of what Americans watch.


That about wraps it up, at least for now. I look forward to having more discussions about America with the people of Seika in the future!



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