Nantan Kids Carnival – なんたにあんキッズカーニバル

Alice from KPIC!
On January 26th I participated for the second time in the Nantan Kids Carnival as a representative of France. This year’s theme was “world games” so I prepared two games and one craft activity.


Chamboule tout ボールを投げる子供達

Chamboule tout

Both games are usually found in French school festivals, called “kermesse” in French. One is called “Chamboule tout”. You first use some old boxes or cans that you let the kids decorate beforehand (or you decorate them yourself if you want to revive childhood memories!). You then pile them up on a table, and kids have to throw balls at them from a distance and make fall as many boxes as they can within the limited number of throws they are allowed. The Nantan staff had prepared some amazing ghost baskets and the kids went crazy for them.
The other game is called “la queue de l’ane”. Children are blindfolded and have to pin a tail back on the drawing of a donkey.
Lastly, in the craft activity, children could try making a “cocarde”, the flower of the French revolution. Using blue, white and red crepe paper, they would first make the flower and then the three-colored stripes hanging at the bottom. They then put their work on their shirts and hats and I was very happy to see them walk around the event hall wearing the colors of France!

Craft activity  工作

Craft activity


New Zealand booth ニュージーランドのブース

New Zealand booth

Other booths introduced games from China, the Philippines and Vietnam. You could also get your face painted at the New Zealand booth, bake some animal shaped cookies at the Germany booth, and try on ethnic costumes at the JICA booth.


Costume race 衣装レース

Costume race

To close the event, we did 2 giant games with everyone.
The first one was a school festival game from France called “relais deguise” (costume race). Divided in teams, children had to put on a costume with an afro wig, a giant skirt and rain boots that were too big, and rush to the other side of the room. They then had to give the costume to the next person and so on. It was a lot of fun to see everybody in such strange outfits running all over the place!


The last game was a Filipino game called “stop dance”. You had to dance in groups around a newspaper page and when the music stopped everybody had to stand on the paper. Every round you fold the paper in half, so there is almost no space in the end to stand and everybody was lifting or giving a piggyback to the kids, holding on each other etc. It was a really fun way to get closer and know each other!


We had more than 100 participants this year, and it was a lot of fun. Kids seemed to really enjoy knocking off the ghost baskets at the French booth as well as getting to know a lot of games and culture from various parts of the world.
See you next year!


Everybody! 集合写真!



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