Homestay & Field Trip in Seika ー ホームステイ&フィールドトリップin精華町

Alice from KPIC! The weather is finally getting warmer and the cherry trees are in full bloom! Today I would like to talk about the homestay and field trip program in Seika Town.


Strawberry picking イチゴ狩り

Strawberry picking

On March 15th and 16th, I went together with 19 participants to Seika to enjoy strawberry picking, world cooking and homestay with a Japanese family.

This time we had people from the USA, Mexico, Finland, the Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Korea, Vietnam and China. A world trip without leaving Japan!

Seika’s strawberries are famous all over the prefecture for their size and wonderful taste. We had 30min to pick and eat as many as we could so everybody’s bowls were soon full of tasty strawberries! The local farmers were really sweet, explaining how to pick the strawberries without damaging the plants, how they produced them etc.



Then it was back to the community center for a world cooking session!

Guacamole from Mexico メキシコよりのグアカモレ

Guacamole from Mexico

The interesting part of that program is that some participants teach the other participants how to cook famous dishes from their country. Everybody got together to create various flavors to enjoy for lunch. And varied it was! We enjoyed spicy soup and fried chicken, coca cola chicken and fried tomato and eggs from China, Guacamole from Mexico, chicken curry from Sri Lanka, Tinola from the Philippines and Pad Thai from Thailand.


Pad Thai  パッタイ

Pad Thai


After lunch, we had a short talk about disaster preparedness and participants could take home some disaster goods.
All the host families then arrived and participants left for their homes to spend the evening and the next day.
It was a lot of fun to be able to enjoy a world tour from Seika Town on that day!


A word from Steven (CIR in Seika)
スティーブンからの一言 (精華町の国際交流員)

It was a great time getting to make friends (and eat food!) from all over the world. Seika is a small, humble town, but it has a lot of charm, and I am glad that many people got to see that. Also, it was nice having a detailed talk about what to do in case of a natural disaster, since experts say that a large earthquake could strike at any time. I personally feel underprepared for such a disaster, and I am sure I am not alone. I look forward to studying more about disaster preparedness.


Seika 2014

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