Tomb Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival) – 清明節

Hey everyone, it’s Brian.
This time I want to tell you about an important day in Chinese culture.
Tomb Sweeping Day (Qingming Festival) is on April 5th every year. Combined with Children’s Day, it is spring break for students and workers in Taiwan.


On tomb sweeping day, family members working in different places gather together for this day. People go to the tomb of their ancestors or an ossuary. They bring incense, delicacies, and fruit. Just like the name of the day, people clean the tomb, cut the grass, and decorate the tomb with colorful paper.







Lumpia is eaten on Tomb Sweeping Day. Think spring roll but non-fried. Fillings such as meat, fried egg, beansprouts, celery, and carrots are cut into strips and wrapped in a flour-based wrap with peanut powder. Since many fillings have to be prepared, usually the whole family does the preparation together. Lumpia can be made according one’s own preferences. It is a dish that is both delicious and fun to make.


image003 Taiwan

Tomb Sweeping Day is a day to spend with family, remember your heritage, pray for the continuing safety and success of the family. Are you spending enough time with your family? Take advantage of this beautiful spring weather and hang out with your family!




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