6th International Understanding Festival 第6回 国際理解フェスティバル

Hello, everyone! This is Steven from Seika. This article will be about the 6th International Understanding Festival, an event sponsored jointly by the Town of Seika and Seika’s international exchange organization, Seika Global Network (SGN). The event took place on Sunday, April 20th in the Seika Town Office’s Seika Hall.


First, we were treated to a performance by Kanjawa Majusun, a group which performs songs and dances from the West African country of Guinea. Not only did they put on some very energetic dances, they even called up members of the audience (including yours truly!) to come up and dance with them. The energy level of the room was quite high!


Kanjawa Majusun カンジャワ・マジュスン


Next up were the international clubs of Seika’s middle schools. First, students from Seika Minami Junior High School put on a short skit in English. Afterwards, members of Seika Nishi Junior High School’s international club gave a presentation about their group’s activities, such as researching countries around the world and cooking different cuisines.


The last school to present was Hoshinohikari Preschool, a private preschool in Seika. Teachers from the school played a video demonstrating the school’s English classes, which use technological aids to teach children names of countries, colors, and numbers. The teacher of the class alternates between a Japanese person and a native English speaker.



Hoshinohikari Preschool’s presentation 星の光幼稚園による発表

The final part of the event was an introduction to Seika Global Network’s various projects. SGN’s projects include, but are not limited to: a Japanese class for non-Japanese residents of Japan, an English class for residents of Seika, an agriculture group, and various annual events.


That does it for this year. See you next year!



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