Study Abroad in Europe Fair - 欧州留学フェア

On May 18th, I participated in the Study and Research in Europe Fair, and I got to help at the booth of Campus France, a French government agency which encourages those in higher education to study abroad in France. The fair was organized both in Tokyo and Kyoto and I helped with the Kyoto event.

A lot of universities from all over Europe participated in the event. We had representatives from Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

Europe fair5月18日(日)に欧州留学フェア2014年に参加し、キャンパスフランスのブースで仕事をしました。キャンパスフランスと言うのはフランス政府留学局であり、フランスへの留学を推進する公式機関です。

Booth of Toulouse University トゥールーズ大学のブース

Booth of Toulouse University

French universities and business schools were there too, catering to a broad range of students and specialties. Famous schools such as HEC or ESSEC for business and Sciences Po for political studies were present, and we got two universities coming from Lyon and Toulouse.

The French higher education system is very different to the Japanese one, with the ranking of private business schools and universities being reversed, and with universities fees being very cheap compared to those in Japan for example.

The Campus France booth was in charge of providing general information about scholarships, procedures before leaving, and French language schools and programs etc.
A lot of people seemed to be interested in studying in France because we sometimes had a queue of people waiting for counseling with the staff.

フランスの大学とビジネススクールもブースを出し、学生の様々なプロジェクトとそれぞれの専攻に対応しました。ビジネススクールで有名なHECやESSEC学校及び政治学で有名なSciences Po学院がいれば、リヨン市とトゥールーズ市の大学も出席しました。


Mayumaro at the French Institute's booth まゆまろがアンスティチュ・フランセのブースで相談

Mayumaro at the French Institute’s booth

In the afternoon we even got a visit from Mayumaro, Kyoto Prefecture’s official mascot, and he was immediately surrounded by rows of fan wanting a picture with him (me included).
I’m sure he wants to go to France as well because I spotted him asking for information at the French Institute booth!


Together with Mayumaro in front of the Campus France booth キャンパスフランスのブースとまゆまろと写真を撮る

Together with Mayumaro in front of the Campus France booth

On that day, we had more than 600 people visit the fair and I got to interact with a wide range of Japanese students, all with different kind of projects and backgrounds but all with the same interest in France and its culture. I was really glad to give an insight into French university life, and I hope they will be able to carry on their projects in France and become bridges between Japan and my home country too.


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