異文化理解サロン「京都府のALTが語る日本の英語教育」 – Japan’s English Education told by Kyoto Prefecture ALTs

Alice from KPIC here!
Summer has finally come. What are your plans?

ALT kouzaToday I would like to tell you about an event I did on June 15th.
I invited 3 Assistant Language Teachers (ALT) working in Kyoto Prefecture high schools to come and talk about English language education in Japan.
With the Olympics in 2020, English education is becoming more and more important in Japan and in Japanese schools.



This trend could be seen in the number of applications we got and the popularity of the event.


ALT kouzaOur first speaker was Erin Noxon. Originally from the US, she is now teaching at Sagano High School. She told us about educational technology, a new concept emerging with all the new technologies available nowadays and how they can be used to help improve language learning and the experience in the classroom. She told us how students can be considered “digital natives” which means they were used to new technologies (IPads, smartphones, networks, computers etc.) ever since they were kids, and that teachers are mainly “digital immigrants” which means they have to adapt and learn how to use these technologies. Based on the use of these technologies and categories of people, she talked about the differences in the learning process and how teachers can use them to their advantage when teaching.


ALT kouzaOur second speaker was Pablo Lozada. Born in Mexico and raised in the US, he is currently teaching at Ayabe High School. He talked about psychology in the classroom, and how he established rules for team teaching to get the students to be more involved and so they clearly see the goals of each class. He gave us indications about the do’s and don’ts to have an effective team teaching and responsive classroom.


ALT kouzaThe last speaker was Kelly Caballero, from the US as well and teaching at Kyoto Subaru High School. She spoke about what she does and her duties in her school so people know what ALTs are and what they do in their everyday work.
Her high school being a business school, her students have special projects such as learning about Kyoto culture and introducing it to foreigners (the Gion festival for example), or creating their own department store for a few days and selling original products using local ingredients and culture.


Thanks to the 3 of them, participants were able to have a deep insight into the diversity of an ALT’s job and the various aspects of English education. The talk was also entirely in English, so I hope it helped the participants with their practice of the language!



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