Citizens of the World Workshop/Summer Camp Experience 地球っこ講座・サマーキャンプ一日体験

Hello everyone, this is Steven from Seika. I would like to tell you about two events I attended with Brian from Kizugawa. The first was the Citizens of the World Workshop on Sunday, June 15th. The second was a one-day summer camp experience event on Saturday, July 12th.


The Citizens of the World Workshop featured me, Brian, and several other people from Brazil, Thailand, and China as guests. All of the other participants were Japanese. Here’s what Brian had to say about it: “I joined the ‘Chikyukko Koza’ event in Seika and had the chance to interact with some high school students from Horikawa SHS and middle school students of Seika. We played a card game about the food culture of many countries and we listened to the students present on world cuisines. I started missing Mexican food a lot during the presentation. Coming from California, where Mexican food is very common and popular, I hope Japan will have a ‘Mexican food boom’ sometime soon!


The summer camp experience event was run by me, Brian, and the CIR from Kyotanabe named Polly. We introduced games, songs, and dances from America and the United Kingdom to elementary school students from Kizugawa, Seika, and Kyotanabe.


Here’s what Brian had to say: “I became a camp leader with Steven and Polly for our 3-municipality event. It was a whole lot of fun. We enjoyed American and British camp games and dances together. Kids in every country have their own memories of summer. With the popularization of smartphones and the Internet, sticking to the screens may be a relaxing and easy way to spend the summer. However, I hope kids can stay active and have a meaningful break.”


That wraps it up for now. Stay cool this summer, everyone!



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