4th France Salon: Showing of “Misasa’s Children’s Adventures” in Kyoto – フランスサロン4回目:「三朝少年物語」京都上映会

Alice from KPIC!

Anthony explaining movie making 映画製作について説明するアントニー氏

Anthony explaining movie making

On July 19th, I organized the 4th France Salon. This time, the French CIR in Misasa, Anthony, came to Kyoto to present the movie he made together with the local children, speak about his promotional videos of Misasa, and how this helped promote the region both on a local and international level. Misasa in located in Tottori Prefecture and is famous for its onsen.

He first talked about why he started his monthly videos, and how he tries to introduce not only famous sightseeing spots, but also highlight local culture such as kindergarten events, small festivals, and hidden places for example.

He showed us a world map indicating the countries where his videos have been seen, and most of the countries were written on it. Impressive!
He also made a 20 min promotional video of Misasa which can be viewed in the train going to Tottori.




Poster for the movie 映画のポスター

Poster for the movie

He then introduced his movie project, called “Misasa Shonen Monogatari” or “Misasa’s children’s adventures”, before showing it. Anthony has always been a movie enthusiast and it has always been his dream to make his own movie. In Misasa, he saw the opportunity to fulfill his dream while at the same time promoting his second home. Using his experience with the monthly videos, he soon started making the movie together with local residents and children.


The story is quite simple: according to an old legend, some pilgrims going to Nageiredo, a famous temple in the vicinity of Misasa, sometimes turn into a monster. On the 850th anniversary of the opening of Misasa spa, some pilgrims do happen to become monsters and start terrorizing a local elementary school. Time seems to have stopped but 4 students find they can still move and take on the duty to protect their beloved town against that dreadful monster.


Movie projection 映画の上映

Movie projection

It was really heartwarming to see young children with no prior acting experience do their best and enjoy themselves so much through the movie. You also get to see glimpses of Misasa town and its history. For an amateur movie with almost no budget and no special equipment it was quite good!


Participants seemed to enjoy the movie as well and had many questions for Anthony during the Q&A session after the viewing. If you have the opportunity, try to see his movie!



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