Homecoming – ホームカミング

Hey everyone! It’s me, Jake, from Seika Town Hall. I just wanted to share with you a small part of American culture. Every year around this time, many universities and high schools host an event called “Homecoming” which is a way of welcoming back alumni to visit the campus and enjoy some events.


Homecoming usually lasts about one week. During the week, students and alumni wear T shirts bearing their school color every day. Between Monday and Thursday, there are various games and contests, and Friday is like a festival where people eat food from food carts and walk around campus. Finally, on Saturday morning there is a parade and in the evening a football game. It would be sad if your team lost on homecoming, so many schools choose a weak team for the game.


Homecoming (2)Every school has their own customs. My school dyes the fountain in front of the library orange every year to match our school colors. Also, clubs and circles build big signs called “Decks” out of paper and compete with each other to see who has the most interesting deck. Every day is lively and fun.


Homecoming (1)Before the football game, fans of both teams set up tents and sit in the back of trucks eating hamburgers and drinking beer while waiting for the game to start. In general bringing alcohol on campus is not allowed, but game days are a special exception. This event is called “Tailgating.”


Homecoming (2)Once the game has started, all fans enter the stadium. At Oklahoma State University, there are a lot of fans and they all wear orange so it looks like the inside of the stadium is dyed orange. This is called the “Sea of Orange.” All the fans stand together singing and shouting to support their team. It’s gives off a very exciting atmosphere.


Homecoming (1)In the future, if you have an opportunity to go to the United States, Homecoming is not limited to just alumni and students, anyone can go, so please check it out! It will definitely be fun!



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