Visit to Joyo High School – 京都府立城陽高校への訪問

On October 28th, Mark, the CIR at Kyoto Prefectural Office and Alice, the CIR at Kyoto Prefectural International Center went to Joyo High School for an afternoon of games, cultural exchange and English language practice.


A word from Mark – マークからの一言

Mark's kilt was very popular マークのキルトがとても人気でした

Mark’s kilt was very popular

Going to the high school in Joyo was really good fun for me. Although my group were a little shy and uncertain of their English abilities, they soon opened up and really made efforts to listen and say as much as they could. I was very strict with speaking only English, and I could tell that they were getting used to listening and understanding things that I was saying. They seemed very interested in the story of my kilt, clan tartans, and how I linked it all with McDonald’s. Ultimately we had a lot of fun playing games and speaking about various things together, and I hope that our talk and the photos we took together of me in my kilt and traditional outfit will be a fond memory for them. Eigo ganbatte kudasai!

Joyo HS城陽市にある高校に行くのはとても楽しかったです。僕のグループが最初に英語能力に自信がなくて恥ずかしかったのに、すぐ明るくなって、頑張って英語で話したり聞いたりすることに力を入れてくれました。僕は結構厳しくて、英語だけにしていたけど、聞けば聞くほどだんだん理解できるようになったようです。着ていたキルト、家門のタータンやマクドナルドとの関係について興味を持ってくれました。一緒にゲームしたり、いろいろなことについて喋ったり、僕とキルトと写真を撮ったりすることは楽しい思い出になったらと思います。英語頑張って下さい!

A word from Alice - アリスからの一言

Joyo HSThe students in my group welcomed me with a sign in French saying “Welcome to Joyo High School” and they were really cheerful about everything.
We played a game to break the ice at first, and then I introduced various things about France and my hometown in a casual way. Even though they were anxious about speaking English, we were able to discuss various topics including life in France, customs but also life in Japanese high school.
None of them had been to France, but they looked so happy to learn many things about my country. I hope it sparked an interest and that they will be interested in foreign languages and French in the future!

Joyo HS私のグループにいた学生がフランス語で「城陽高校へようそこ」と書いた看板で歓迎され、とても嬉しかったです。何でも笑って、とても元気でした。


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