Field Trip in Seika 2014 – フィールドトリップin精華町2014年

Hi everyone! It is me, Jake, from Seika Town office!
Today I am going to talk about the field trip that Alice and I did in Seika in November. Seika is the center of the Kansai Science City, so it is home to many research facilities, factories and educational institutions. For this field trip, we invited foreign residents from countries all over the world to come take part in the Information Communication Fair, explore Keihanna Memorial Park and learn to make dried persimmons and onigiri at a potluck party with Seika residents.


At the Communication Fair, having fun with robots 情報フェアでロボットと遊ぶ

At the Communication Fair, having fun with robots

On the morning of the field trip, the group gathered at Kyoto Station and took a bus to Keihanna Plaza for the first part of the event, the Information Communication Fair. Participants walked around the fair and conversed with the representatives of the various companies learning about the new technology that each company is developing. For difficult topics, volunteers from Seika Global Network, Seika’s volunteer international exchange group assisted with interpretation. Afterwards, the participants had lunch at “La Seine” in the Keihanna Plaza building.


Autumn leaves in Keihanna Park 記念公園の紅葉

Autumn leaves in Keihanna Park

After finishing lunch and spending a bit more time walking around the booths, the field trip moved to the Keihanna Memorial Park where participants enjoyed a bit of nature, fed the koi fish and took pictures of the park. Fall had just started, so only a few trees had turned red, but walking around the park helped everyone get to know each other better so it was still very fun.


Finally, in the evening we met up with residents of Seika to learn about making Onigiri and dried persimmons. There was also a small potluck party where participants had the opportunity to try daikon radish and curry rice, as well as cakes made with Japanese sweet potatoes. Many of the participants said it was their favorite part because they had a chance to actually talk to the people living in Seika.

Seika 14


Cooking sweet potato cakes サツマイモのケーキを作る

Cooking sweet potato cakes

At the end of the event, the participants loaded up on a bus and headed back to Kyoto station. Everyone got to bring the dried persimmons they made home with them as well. It was a long day, but I think that everyone enjoyed themselves and had the opportunity to learn a little bit about Seika.


If you have a chance, stop by and visit Seika!


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