French Christmas cake “Bûche de Noël” cooking in Oyamazaki – 大山崎町でフランスのクリスマスケーキ「ブッシュ・ド・ノエル」の料理教室

Alice from KPIC!

Tonight is Christmas Eve! How are you going to spend your evening?
I went back to France for the holidays this year, so tonight I will be eating the French traditional Christmas cake called “Bûche de Noël”. It’s shaped like a log and uses either chocolate or chestnut cream traditionally, even if recently you can find strawberry or white chocolate “bûches” as well.

In ancient times when there was no electricity, people needed to find a way to have light and warmth during the long Christmas Eve until Christmas day on the 25th. Therefore, people needed to find a big enough log to put in the fireplace that could last for many hours; and nowadays this tradition remains in the shape of the traditional Christmas cake.




Oyamazaki 14

Cooking the bûche ブッシュを作る

As the season was right, I decided to bake a bûche de noel with chestnut cream and sugar-coated chestnuts together with the participants in this month’s cooking class in Oyamazaki.
Christmas cakes seem to be popular because we had 20 people join this time. We first started by cooking the bûche because it needs to cool down as much as possible before eating it. Usually you should leave it in the fridge all night and eat it the next day but we only cooled it down for a few hours.

Participants were really eager to make a beautiful cake so they successfully completed the different steps and put the cake to cool down.


Oyamazaki 2014

Introducing Christmas habits in Europe ヨーロッパにおけるクリスマスの習慣について説明

In the meantime, I held a small presentation about Christmas habits in France and in Europe. In France, Christmas Eve’s meal always ends with the bûche. Everyone usually also has an advent calendar in their homes to enjoy chocolate or sweets every day until Cristmas. Recently, other brands have started making their own calendars, so you can find advent calendars with makeup, toys, tea or alcohol for example.


Eve calendar イブカレンダー

Eve calendar

Other European countries also have very interesting habits, such as Finland where people usually drop by the cemetery on Christmas Eve to light their dead ones’ tombs with candles, or Bulgaria where women use the occasion to give bread to the man they like. In the North of Europe, it’s often San Nicolas and not Santa who brings presents on December 6th, whereas it’s a witch called La Befana who makes children happy in January in the South of Italy for example.


Preparing the bûches ブッシュを飾る

Preparing the bûches

Bûche made by the participants 参加者が作ったブッシュ

Bûche made by the participants

We were then pretty hungry so we cooked the lunch menu, a meunière fish (cooked in butter) and some mashed potatoes.
It was then time to decorate the bûches. I had brought some cake decorations in sugar from France which were really popular among the participants. Everybody was so dedicated to decorate their cakes that time flew by and it was time to eat our artworks before ending the day.

Bûche made by the participants 参加者が作ったブッシュ

Bûche made by the participants


It was my first time to try and bake my own Bûche de Noël but it was a lot of fun to do it with everyone and see what kind of cake they would come up with in the end.
See you next year for more fun French cuisine!


Oyamazaki 2014

Merry Christmas! メリークリスマス!



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