Comfortab-LEE BRIAN 4 – 第4回まったLEE・BRIAN

Brian from Kizugawa. 木津川市のブライアンです。

Brian kouza dec14 (2).jpgHi everyone, how you are doing in the cold? I had my fourth Comfortab-LEE BRIAN lecture on November 27th. This time, I talked about transportation in the US and Taiwan.


After introducing myself, I often am asked what is famous in Los Angeles. I always answer jokingly, “Traffic, of course.”


At the lecture, I talked about various things regarding transportation: the car-reliant America, reasons why pickup trucks are popular in the US, comparison of public transit usage in Los Angeles and New York, traffic problems, motorcycle usage in Taiwan, and recent hot topics.


Brian kouza dec14Coming from a place where public transport is not popular, trains in Japan are so convenient and I love them. While planning this event, I was unsure of the audience response to this particular theme. However, many asked interesting questions and it turned out to be fun as always.


My fifth lecture is on January 29th. I will be talking about the basics of international exchange, tips for talking and interacting in an international setting. See you there!



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