Comfortab-LEE Brian 5 – 第5回まったLEE・BRIAN

Hey it’s Brian from Kizugawa. I had my 5th Comfortab-LEE Brian lecture on January 29th.


This time I name my lecture, “The Basics of International and Cross-cultural Exchange: Talking to People.” From small talks in English to the tips of talking to people from abroad, I covered various topics such as Japanese compliments, frequently asked (rude) questions as a foreigner, and assumptions tied to appearance. Also I talked about the tips on asking about other person’s countries and cultures, and problems with the often-used Japanese word “gaikoku” (foreign countries).


Compare to my other lectures, in which I talked about my culture and country, this lecture felt refreshing and more personal to me because I talked about how I feel as a foreigner in Japan. I am planning to have a part two for the subject.


The next Comfortab-LEE Brian will be on May 28th. Hope to see you there!



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