Nantan Kids Carnival 2015 – なんたにあんキッズカーニバル2015年

Alice from KPIC!

On the 7th of February I participated for the 4th time in the Nantan Kids Carnival, an event held every year. This year’s theme was “children’s games around the world” so I prepared activities based on French school festivals for my booth.


Nanta 2015

Face painting on the New Zealand booth ニュージーランドブースでのフェイスペインティング

This year we had a hundred people participating and booths from 7 countries: England, Jamaica, Philippines, New Zealand, Peru, Germany and France. Children first roamed freely in the room, exploring the different booths and chatting with the people from each nationality holding them.

They could enjoy tea and butter cookies at the English booth, various games at the Filipino and Peruvian booths, reggae dance at the Jamaican booth, face painting at the New Zealand booth and eating potato and jam pancakes at the German booth.



Ball game on the French booth - フランスブースでのボールゲーム

Ball game on the French booth – フランスブースでのボールゲーム

I had prepared 3 activities for the French booth: a paper plate game, a ball game and a craft activity. Every time children won a game, they could eat French candies. No need to say that they tried their best!

For the paper plate game, children needed to throw a tennis ball on to paper plates laid on the floor.

For the second game, I fixed some ropes to the wall and children had to make a ball roll on those up to the appropriate place before letting it drop in a basket. It was a really popular game with children lining up to enjoy it again and again.

The last activity was a small craft, where I taught children how to make a tricolor pompom with the colors of France (blue, white and red). They could then fix it to their bag, clothes etc. Some of them even used them as necklaces!





Fun times !  楽しい時間!

Fun times !

It was then time for the general game time. I had prepared a game called “the fishes and the fishermen” where pairs of 2 people (the fishermen) each form a “net” by joining their hands while the other people (the fishes) run around between the nets. The fishermen secretly decide a number between themselves and count aloud, subsequently dropping their hands when they reach their predetermined number, catching anyone who is passing through at the time. Children running around and laughing trying not to get caught was really fun.

We also played a game using colors’ names in English, a dodge ball game and ended the day with a reggae dance from Jamaica.



It was a really nice day spent playing with children and teaching them games I had played in France as a child. The children seemed to enjoy themselves a lot as well, trying new tastes with the German pancakes and getting to know other cultural backgrounds.



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