World Festa in Kameoka - 亀岡ワールドフェスタ

Hi everyone! It’s Eric, the Kameoka CIR! Last month we held Kameoka’s largest international event,  the World Festa at Galleria Kameoka. This year’s theme is traditional fashion from around the world focusing on multiculturalism in everyday life. We had many exciting events including a fashion show, world snack booths and a world games corner. At the end of the event all participants got up to do the zumba.



The world snack booth was the most popular with snacks from 11 different countries including Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and France. The cookies from France and Austria were very popular and ran out really quickly. The participants had the opportunity to enjoy tasting and seeing something different while speaking to people from different countries in the booths.

世界のおやつブースは大変人気であり、コリア、インドネシア、ベトナム・フランスなど11カ国のおやつと、日本やコリアのお茶を提供しました。フランスやオーストリアのお菓子はクッキーであっという間に無くなるほどの人気がありました。いつもとは味や見た目の違うおやつを食べて、ブースの中の外国出身の人たちとも話し、世界の味を楽しんだようです。IMG_7513 (5)

This year’s World Festa’s main focus is about learning about traditional dresses and costumes from around the world with the purpose of finding a method to live peacefully with people from different cultures. I hope this event created an opportunity to think about diversity in Japan.



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