New CIR in Maizuru – 舞鶴市の新しい国際交流員の挨拶

We are happy to welcome the new CIR in Maizuru, Zou Yue, and we hope that her work and life in Maizuru will be full of new discoveries and wonderful experiences!

Yue self intro (14)


You can read her self introduction on the following page.






Eric from Kameoka.
On May 5th, 12 members of the International Exchange Association guided by Matsuo-san walked around the old castle town to learn and discuss about Kameoka’s history and obverse the remaining historical sites.

Guide Matsuo-san quizzed the group about various things about the city. Both the CIR and all participants had a chance to answer and there many interesting differences in IMG_4630perceptions. The group discussed questions from Eric such as “What kind of fish is the Shachihoko?” and learnt that there are many things unique to Japan.

We will have a discussion on the 26th based on this event to discuss what we can do when showcasing Kameoka to international guests.

Comfortab-LEE Brian 6 – 第6回まったLEE・BRIAN

Hey it’s Brian from Kizugawa. I had my 6th Comfortab-LEE Brian lecture on March 26th.


To wrap up the fiscal year, I had a lecture on the major holidays in the US and Taiwan. In the spirit of April Fools’ Day, I pretended to end my lecture after my self-introduction, giving them a preview of the next lecture. The audience had a good laugh out of it.


To decide which holidays to cover, I prepared a holiday bingo sheet for the audience to play. From the well-celebrated Christmas to the less-known Easter, I covered the representing holidays of each season. I had the most fun introducing Saint Patrick’s Day, which none of the participants were familiar with.


We had too much fun talking about the different holidays so there were still many left at the end of the lecture. I think I will have a part two for this subject as well!


Join us at the next Comfortab-LEE Brian, which is on May 28th. I will be talking about movies and TV shows in the US and Taiwan. Hope to see you there!