Comfortab-LEE Brian 8 – 第8回まったLEE・BRIAN

Hey y’all. It’s Brian from Kizugawa.


Kizu brianOn July 28th, I had my 8th “Comfortab-LEE Brian” lecture. This time I talked about the youth culture in the US. I started by introducing “what’s up?” along with other casual greetings, also the motions done along those greetings including hugs and pound hugs.

7月28日に第8回まったLEE・BRIANを開催しました。今回はアメリカの若者文化についての講演にしました。始めに「what’s up?」などの口語的なあいさつを紹介し、あいさつのハグとパウンドハグを実演しました。

Then, I introduced some American slang words and SMS language often used by teenagers. I shared some trending words such as “slay” and “yaas,” in the US, as well as some once-trending-but-not-anymore words like “yolo” and “swag.”


I briefly touched on the rise of the hipster culture among young adults and ended with the popular internet memes related to Japan, including doge, hadokening, and meanwhile in.

そして、日本でもよく知られているヒッピー文化から始め、近年若者の間にブームになったヒップスター文化を紹介し、インターネットミームを説明し、「doge」「hadokening」「meanwhile in…」など日本と関わりがあるミームを紹介しました。

I had fun sharing the youth culture with my audience. It was a cross-culture, cross-generation experience.


The next Comfortab-LEE BRIAN is on September 25. I will be talking about love and marriage in the US and China along with the two Chinese interns at the city hall. Hope to see you there!


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