Tim Hortons and Canadian words – ティムホートンズとカナダの英語

Hey everyone! It’s Michelle, the new CIR from Kameoka city!


It’s been 4 months since I’ve arrived in Kameoka. To start off, I would like to introduce some unique Canadian words (yes we do have them) and the very important and sorely missed Tim Hortons!


Tim Hortons, a donut shop chain in Canada, is so popular domestically that not only is it a Canadian cultural icon, it also has a special naming and ordering system for their popular menu items.

For example:

Tim Hortons (1)①「後でティミーズに寄りましょう。」=「後でティムホートンズに寄りましょう。」

“Let’s stop by Timmies later.” = “Let’s stop by Tim Hortons later.”


“I’d like a 10 pack of timbits & a medium double-double please.”


10 pieces of small, unique ball-shaped doughnuts

Tim Hortons (2)+中サイズのコーヒーにクリーム2つと砂糖2つ

A medium-sized cup of coffee with 2 creams & 2 sugars

Tim Hortons (3)Uniquely Canadian words – カナダの独特な言葉

Loonie = 1 dollar coin(1ドル硬貨)

Tim Hortons (2)Toonie = 2 dollar coin(2ドル硬貨)

Tim Hortons (1)Parkade = a multi-storey parking garage ( 立体駐車場 )