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おおきに、心の古郷、京都! A heartfelt thanks to you Kyoto, my second home

京都府国際センターのアリスです。7月末に京都府での任期が終わってしまいます。あっという間に5年間が過ぎましたな。昨日来日したような不思議な気持ちがしています。 このブログで最後の記事となります。 Alice from KPIC here! I will be finishing JET at the end of July. 5 years have passed so quickly, and it feels like I arrived just yesterday. This will be my last article on this blog. 中学校から日本好きな私は「いつか日本で働いて長く住みた … Continue reading

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Greetings from the CIR in Maizuru – 舞鶴市国際交流員の挨拶

July might be the month of farewell for a lot of us, but here is a new CIR introduction! Meet Sun Yanan, the CIR in Maizuru. She arrived in April and will be staying one year. Go read her self … Continue reading

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Goodbye from Jake, CIR in Seika 精華町国際交流員ジェーク氏の退任の挨拶

Hey everyone!  I’m Jake, the CIR in Seika Town and this will be my final post on the Tabunka blog. Over the past two years I have met new people, tried new things and learned stuff about myself that I … Continue reading

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Goodbye from Brian, the CIR in Kizugawa 木津川市国際交流員ブライアン氏からの退任の挨拶

July marks the season where a lot of JET Programme participants are leaving and new ones coming. 3 CIRs participating in this blog will be leaving at the end of this month: the CIRs in Kizugawa (Brian), in Seika (Jake) … Continue reading

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