小中学校でハワイ異文化講座 Hawaii Lectures at Elementary and Junior High Schools


My name is Gavyn Guigui and I am the new Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) for Seika Town starting August 2018. Although I am new to Seika, I am not new to the CIR position as I was previously the CIR for Kizugawa City (a neighboring municipality) for two years before coming to Seika. For a more detailed self-introduction, please check out my introduction page!



There are a number of events coming up in Seika Town that I would like to report in the coming days, so stay tuned! In the meantime, I would like to talk about some school visits I made towards the end of my tenure at Kizugawa City.



My stage for the day at Saganaka Elementary School

In my last month as the CIR for Kizugawa, I visited a few elementary schools and one of the city’s junior high schools to present about some interesting things from my hometown Hawaii such as the food, sights, and its cultural differences with Japan. Since the grade levels for which I asked to present to were so disparate, I decided to make two different presentations, one for the elementary schools and another for the junior high schools.


For the elementary school presentation, I talked about basic information regarding Hawaii like how many islands there are in the main island chain, and the delicious foods you can eat only in Hawaii. The children were enthusiastic in their reaction and were very interested in hearing things they didn’t know about Hawaii. Some classes prepared questions to ask at the end of my presentation, and a few of them even asked in English!


The middle school presentation consisted of similar topics, but I added a few slides about the differences between American and Japanese schools. The topics that surprised them the most were perhaps the quality of American school lunches and the lack of cleaning time allotted in the school day. Lastly, I taught them about the Hawaiian alphabet, vocabulary, and how to do a short self-introduction in Hawaiian.


IMG_9074Visiting the schools was a great learning experience on how to tailor educational content for different audiences of varying ages that keeps them interested and engaged. Also, since I don’t teach at schools on a daily basis, it was interesting to see the Japanese student and teacher dynamic in real time. I hope I get to visit many more schools during my time as Seika Town’s CIR!



2 thoughts on “小中学校でハワイ異文化講座 Hawaii Lectures at Elementary and Junior High Schools

  1. Hi, Gavyn! I’m very much looking forward to your visiting my kids’ school (Kawanishi Elementary School) in Seika city. The students might be a bit shy, but are eager to learn from you! B.t.y, my mom is a hula instructor in Japan and manages some halau here. Hope my mom will have a chance to meet you too. She can’t speak English nor Hawaiian, but she loves Hawaii. Now I’m pushing her into your English class! See you sometime soon!

    • Hello Kaori,
      I apologize for replying so late. I was checking the page and noticed a comment was left only after viewing the notifications of the blog page for the first time. How embarrassing!

      I visited Kawanishi Elementary School earlier this year in January and had a great time teaching them about Hawaii and about America elementary schools. Some classes were shy and others were energetic, but I think in the end, everyone enjoyed themselves and learned a bit in the process as well.

      That’s really cool about your mother! I hope I get to meet her sometime while I’m here in Seika.

      Thank you for commenting,
      Gavyn G.

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