Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます!




そして、なんと!京都府に来てから約半年が過ぎました!ここに来てからいろんな方にお世話になり、とても感謝しております!仕事に関して, 最初はミスいっぱいで迷惑を沢山かけたと思いますがいつも親切にしていただき、ありがたいですよね。自分の新しい仕事と生活に慣れるまで少し時間が掛かりましたが、やっと慣れてきたのではないかと思います。2019年は様々な面でもっと活躍できるように頑張りたいと思います!!

Hello everyone! How are you doing?

It’s Sandra Arazi from Kyoto Prefectural International Center here.

It’s a little late for this announcement, but never mind, Happy New Year everyone! I wish you happiness for this new year! I say the same thing every year, but 2018 went by so fast.

Moreover, it has already been half a year since I came to work and live in Kyoto City! Since arriving here, I have been indebted to so many people who have taken care of me, and I’m really grateful to them. Concerning work, at first although I must have caused so many mistakes and bothered so many people, I have always been treated kindly, so I’m really thankful. Before getting used to my new work and life, some time was needed but I get the feeling that I finally managed it. For 2019, I will try my best to be more active and successful!



Well everyone, how did you spend the New Year?

As for me, I went back to France, and I spent it celebrating with my family. During this period, it’s best to be close to the people important to you, right? By the way. do you know the specialties served during the French New Year dinner? For example, you have salmon, foie gras, oysters, and other luxurious food! And for the drinks, of course, you have either wine or champagne. It’s a period where you can easily gain weight if you are not careful…!


Well everyone, I will be in your care again this year!


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