International Play Date 子どもとの国際交流

Hello everyone! This is an update from Mary Ho, the Coordinator for International Relations (CIR) in Kyotanabe City.


On Thursday August 22, I held the kids event “Let’s Play and Talk with the CIR!” with a group of 16 young participants at Doshisha Yamate North Community Center. We had lots of fun using English to play games and singing various songs. This event is a continuation from a similar one I held last year.

8月22日(木)昨年に引き続き同志社山手北公民館で本市の出前講座 “国際交流員と遊ぼう!話そう!” を開催しました。楽しく英語でゲームを遊んだり、歌を歌ったりしました。

First, I introduced myself and my home country of Canada. Surprisingly many of the children participating (16 of them aged 3 to 12) recognized the Canadian flag and told me that they know maple syrup comes from Canada. I then had them introduce themselves in English and held a question time where they asked me questions about myself.


This time, I used a Canadian picture book to introduce the ABCs of Canada. Everyone had fun practicing their ABCs using the Canada-related words. I then introduced five Canadian animals and how to mimic them. We had lots of fun playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors,” “Simon Says” using the words we learned before.

その後、カナダの絵本を使い、カナダに関する単語AからZまで紹介し、子ども達は大きな声でABCを練習しました。そして、カナダの動物5種類を紹介し、体を動かしながら英語でジャンケンと「Simon Says」というゲームをみんなで遊びました。

I also taught them songs like “Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes” and “The Hokey Pokey”. The kids learned about body parts in English and were able to enjoy and sing along.

最後は、体の部位を英語で学び、皆は大きい声で 「Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes」や「The Hokey Pokey」を歌って踊りました。

The 50-minute event passed in a blink and the entire time was full of the children’s joyous laughter. I look forward to playing with everyone, and I hope they call me join them again soon!


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