Celebrating 25 Years of Informing Foreign Residents いちごニュースレター25周年、おめでとうございます

Hello! It’s Gavyn again, the Seika Town CIR.


Since 1995, the Coordinator for International Relations of Seika Town has published an English newsletter for foreign persons residing in Seika. This newsletter, then named “Seika’s Gaikokujin Gazette” was started with the purpose of keeping foreign residents “up to date with local town events and to provide help with daily living.”

1995年、精華町在住の外国人向けに「町内で行われるイベントなどをお知らせし、日常生活を支援すること」を目的に、国際交流員が当初「Seika’s Gaikokujin Gazette」というニュースレターを発行し始めました。

This April, the newsletter will be celebrating its 300th issue and 25th anniversary!


The newsletter has gone through various changes throughout its 25 year history, most notably a change in name to “Ichigo,” multiple design changes, and the addition of a Easy Japanese version with kana readings for kanji characters. However, its mission to inform foreign residents in Seika remains the same.


As the 13th editor of this newsletter, I hope it will continue to be enjoyed by both foreign and local residents of Seika for years to come.


Take a trip back in time with me to view the front pages of Ichigo’s past!


Here are some celebratory messages from former Coordinators for International Relations and other distinguished persons!


Jacob Biros
Seika Town Coordinator for International Relations (2014-2016)
During my time in Seika, this newsletter saw a big redesign. One of the great things about Ichigo is how it continues to change with each new CIR while still leaving traces of previous CIRs.


Steven Pelcovits
Seika Town Coordinator for International Relations (2012-2014)
Having edited Ichigo for 2 years, I am happy to see that it has made it to its 300th issue. I hope Ichigo continues to play a role in bringing together Seika’s foreign community.


Breea Clark
Mayor of the City of Norman (Oklahoma, USA), sister city to Seika Town
The City of Norman is so happy to be included in the Ichigo newsletter! We are proud of our sister city relationship with Seika and are grateful for the opportunity to share more about our city with Ichigo readers. In the future, we hope to have an informative newsletter like Ichigo of our own!


Marles Bradley
President of PASSPORTS, Norman’s International and Sister Cities Organization
The Ichigo newsletter gives citizens of Norman, Oklahoma, USA a beautiful window into the events and activities of our global friends in Seika.  I look forward to the news and always learning more about our Sister City, Seika, in each edition. We are pleased when we see an article about Norman that is included.   Congratulations on this special anniversary worthy of recognition. 

ブラドリー・マーレス 会長

Visit the Seika Town Homepage to read back issues of Ichigo!

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