About coronavirus in France…フランスでの新型コロナウイルス感染症対策について...

Kyoto Prefectural International Center  CIR Sandra Arazi
京都府国際センター 国際交流員 サンドラ・アラジ

wearing a mask  に対する画像結果

The new coronavirus had a big impact in France, and of course, in the rest of the world too.


Since the lock down was lifted in mid-May, the number of infected people in France keeps increasing. As of October 10, the number of infected people is about 700,000. About 32,000 of them have died.


In response to this serious situation, the French government started organizing free PCR testing starting July 25th.


Even if you have no symptoms, you can take the test without seeing a doctor if you show your health insurance card.


In order to not crowd the laboratories, from September, people with symptoms are preferentially accepted.


Because of the coronavirus, French people’s daily lives and customs suddenly changed.


Wearing mask was one of these changes.


From a Japanese perspective, it’s a normal thing to wear masks, but in France there was no such custom to begin with.


As for me, when I was living in France, I had never wore a mask even when I was sick, I still went to school and work without wearing a mask because it was considered normal.


On the other hand, if I had worn a mask back then, people would have stared at me strangely.


Since the coronavirus came into our lives, French people also started wearing masks but there are very few people who do it from themselves, like Japanese people. There are still French people doubting the effectiveness of wearing a mask.


“I’m still young, and I am healthy so even if I catch the coronavirus I won’t die, no problem”:even if it’s disappointing, there are still people who think in an egoistic way.


In response to that, the French government decided to make it mandatory to wear a mask when outdoors as of September.


People over the age of 11 years old are concerned by this new rule. In the event that you break this rule, you are fined 135 euro (around 17,000yen.)


Since the implementation of this severe penalty, it seems people wearing masks has increased.


By wearing a mask, you protect not only yourself, but also all the people around you.


I don’t know how long the pandemic will last but I hope people will keep on being compassionate toward others in the future too.


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