International Cooking at Home 国際クッキングAT HOME

Happy spring, Tabunka Kyoto readers! It’s me, Gavyn, the CIR for Seika Town.


Making spam musubi for
International Cooking at Home!

Since the coronavirus pandemic started picking up in earnest last spring, planning cultural exchange events that follow pandemic protocols has gotten quite difficult. This is especially so for any CIR that likes to showcase their culture through food, like me!


Before the pandemic, I planned and participated in a couple of cooking events, but every subsequent cooking event I had in the barrel became no longer feasible as soon as infected numbers started to tick up. While hygiene during a cooking event in the middle of a pandemic was a point of concern, providing an avenue for the virus to spread further by bringing people together in a community kitchen was also a big issue!


Mixing the batter for February’s recipe, banana bread

Unfortunately, because of this, I have not held a cooking event in over a year.


However, I remain steadfast in my goal to teach people about my culture and American culture in general through cooking. To do this, I launched the International Cooking at Home series!

しかし、故郷の文化とアメリカの文化を料理を通して教える意志は変わらないままです。これを実現するために、「国際クッキング AT HOME」という企画を始めました!

In this series, I introduce popular dishes from Hawaii and America, and how to cook them using ingredients that can be found in any grocery store in Japan. Through International Cooking at Home, I hope to bring a piece of my home into the homes of everyone in Seika and provide a fun activity to anyone looking to escape the mundanity of staying at home during the pandemic.

このシリーズでは、ハワイやアメリカの人気料理を紹介し、日本のスーパーで買える材料を使って作り方を教えます。「国際クッキング AT HOME」によって精華町の皆さんが僕の母国の味を少しでも味わえたり、ステイ・ホーム中の退屈をしのげたりすることを期待しています。

You don’t have to be a resident of Seika Town to join in on the fun either! Check out the recipes by visiting the International Cooking at Home webpage on the Seika Town homepage! (Recipes are posted in English and Japanese with kanji readings.)

もちろん精華町に住んでいなくても参加できます!作ってみたい方はぜひ精華町ホームページにある「国際クッキングAT HOME」のページを見てみてください!(レシピは英語と日本語で掲載しています。)

Come cook with me!


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