Previous Kizugawa City CIRs

Gavyn Guigui ギャヴィン・ギギ

Currently the CIR for Seika Town. Please follow this link for a detailed introduction…

Brian Lee ブライアン・リー


Born in: Arcadia, in California, USA. Raised in Taichung, Taiwan.
出身地: アメリカのアルカディア市、カリフォルニア州。台湾の台中市で育ち。

Los Angeles County Arboretum ロサンゼルス郡立樹木園 Photo by Daderot, from Wikipedia

Arcadia is a small, quiet city with mostly residential areas in the suburbs of Los Angeles County. With a population of about 57,000, outsiders might be surprised by the high percentage of Asian population in the city (59.2% Asian according to the 2010 Census). That’s why the city is popular for its many Asian restaurants.
The city is close to downtown Los Angeles and the popular attractions around Los Angeles. Disneyland, Hollywood, and Universal Studios are all within an hour by car.

Santa Anita Park Racetrack サンタアニタパーク競馬場 Photo by Ellen Levy Finch

アルカディア市はロサンゼルス郡の郊外 に位置し、ほとんど住宅街で静かなところです。人口は約5万7000人であり、その中で59.2%はアジア系なので、アルカディア市に初めて訪れる人は違 和感があると思います。そのため、本格的なアジア料理屋がたくさんあります。そして、ロサンゼルス郡立樹木園とサンタアニタパーク競馬場が有名で人気な まちです。

Old Taichung City Hall 旧台中市役所 Photo by 象心力

My other hometown, Taichung, is the third biggest city in Taiwan. The population is about 2.7 million, making it the third most populous city in Taiwan. Also, Taichung is the birthplace of the popular drink – boba (bubble) tea! Whenever I visit Taichung, I always go for some boba.


Thomas Arnot トーマス・アーノット

Born in: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Edinburgh is a historic city with an ancient castle, an old-town where you can see Edinburgh as it used to be, many beautiful churches and cathedrals and a world-famous festival,


Edinburgh Castle and Royal Military Tattoo


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