Yi Ching Ho イーチン・ホー
2017 – present

From Vancouver, Canada

Hello Bonjour! My name is Yi Ching Ho. I am the CIR for Kyotanabe City since August 2017. Please call me Mary.

初めまして。2017年8月から京田辺市の国際交流員として勤務することになりました、Yi Ching Ho(ホー・イーチン)と申します。ニックネームはメリーです。

I come from Vancouver, Canada. When I was eleven years old, I moved to Canada with my family from Taiwan. About half of my lifetime was spent in Taiwan and another half in Canada. Because my grandmother is Japanese, I’ve always wanted to learn more about my Japanese heritage and improve my language skills. I earned my Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia. In order to study international business, I had the opportunity to study at the University of Tokyo in my final year (2015). I was an exchange student for one semester. Since then, it has always been my goal to come back to Japan as a working professional and continue my learning for Japanese culture.


It’s my great pleasure working in a wonderful place like Kyotanabe City. I want to challenge myself to make dishes with fresh local produce. I look forward to sharing Canadian and Taiwanese culture with everyone in Kyotanabe City.


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