Jeremy Hebert ジェレミー・ヒバート
2018 – present

From Newark, California, USA

Hello everyone!
My name is Jeremy Hebert, and I am one of the CIRs in Kyotango, a city located in the northern most point of Kyoto Prefecture. Nice to meet you all!


I am from California, a state that takes up most of the west coast of the U.S. Specifically, I am from Newark, a small residential area near San Francisco with a population of 45,810. When I was young, most of the people who lived there were laborers who immigrated from Mexico, but now most of the people that live there are highly-skilled people from around the world who work in Silicon Valley. The Bay Area is filled with famous, high-tech companies, so, as a result, San Francisco and its surrounding areas are enjoying an economic boom. However, the number of long-time residents being forced to move to other states due to the area’s high cost of living brought on by the booming tech industry has risen in recent years.


Newark, California (the red area on the right!)

I first came in to contact with Japanese roughly 6 years ago, but I studied on and off most of the time. It wasn’t until I enrolled in San Francisco State University that I started studying intensely. After graduating, in hopes of using what I learned in college, I applied to JET, which then sent me to Kyotango City.


Kyotango is an amazing place! Though, much like Kyoto City, the summers are blisteringly hot and the winters are frigidly cold. In the summer, I live with the air conditioner on its max setting, but there are other places to escape the heat in Kyotango, such as our mountains and forests. Though, the best natural attraction in Kyotango would have to be its beaches! They have extremely clear waters reminiscent of the beaches in Hawaii.


I hope to be working on advertising the beaches of Kyotango in the near future. I also teach a yearly English course, but I mainly translate documents into English for the city, such as advertisements for the Tango Peninsula textile industry, articles from the Kyotango City magazine, documents from local hospitals, and the histories of local shrines.


Hope to see you all sometime in Kyotango City!