Kyoto Pref. Int’l Center

Sandra Arazi サンドラ・アラジ
2018 – present


Nice to meet you everyone ! My name is Sandra Arazi and since august 2018 I joined the Kyoto Prefectural International Center as the new Coordinator for International Relations. Let me introduce myself. I am a 24 years old French girl born in Paris.
As everyone already knows, Paris is the capital of France and the center of many important fields. However did you know that Paris is the sister city of Kyoto ? I feel very honoured being able to help deepening the relationships between our countries and cities from now on.




How much do you know about France everyone ?

For several consecutive years now, France has been the first touristic destination in the whole world. Every year, people from all over the planet visit it’s capital Paris. It goes without saying that the city is really popular among Japanese people !There is a reason to this. History, culture, gastronomy, many strong fields are gathered in the same city and that’s what make it so special. If you would like to learn more about France and Paris, feel free to participate to my seminars !

Various types of cheese

自分の街も国も心から大好きですが、おさないころにどうしようもなく日本のことに恋をしてしまった (笑)。それでも、日本が好きになったきっかけはなんですか?と聞かれるとよく説明できなくて困ります、、好きなところはないからというわけではないですけどね!ただ、返事は一つではないと感じています。やはり日本の特別な雰囲気や、深い文化と歴史や、素敵な言語や、日本人のおもてなしなどの影響が私の魂の中に響いたのでしょうかね。

Even though I really like my own country and city, when I was a child I fell in love with Japan. If you ask me why, I would’nt be able to give you a proper answer. It’s not because I don’t like anything、It’s just the feeling that there is not one single answer as to why I got to like Japan. Maybe it’s the particular atmosphere of Japan, the long history, the beautiful language, or the Japanese people’s kindness which got to resonate into my soul.

イナルコ大学で日本語と日本文化の専攻を選んで、三年間後卒業しました。直後、様々な試験に合格し、奨学金を二ついただくことになり、慶應義塾大学と西南学院大学に留学することができました。今でも留学の機会を与えてくださった文部科学省とFondation de Franceにはとても感謝しております。フランスに帰国した後、修士を目指し、ソルボンヌヌーベルパリIII大学で文化学と観光学を学ぶことにしました。

I chose to study Japanese culture, civilization and language at Inalco University. I graduated of it three years later. Right after, I passed some examinations and got rewarded with two scholarships to study in Keio University and also Seinan Gakuin University. Even now I am really grateful to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) and the Fondation of France for giving me those opportunities to study abroad. After going back to France, I decided to go after a master, and studied culture and tourism at Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III University.


Since I have a real interest for tourism, I realized internships at the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) in Paris and the Japanese travel agency HIS also located in Paris. During summer 2018, I have also worked for a Japanese event company called Japan Promotion as I felt a strong attachment to the Japanese cultural and art world. As an example of the kind of work I accomplished : I became an interpreter and presentator for a major Japanese event called Japan Expo going on every year in France. I feel that Kyoto is the center of the Japanese artistic and cultural world so it‘s really a privilege to be able to live here from now on.


From now on working at the Kyoto Prefectural International Center will certainly give me the chance to experience many works. I’m really looking forward meeting people during the time spent visiting schools, while giving seminars and participating in international event. Thank you ! !


Sandra Arazi

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Previous International Center CIRs

Martin Baer マルタン・ベール
2016 – 2018


みなさん、こんにちは。 京都府国際センター国際交流員のマルタン ベールです。

Hello everyone. My name is Martin Baer and I am the new Coordinator for International Relations of Kyoto Prefectural International Center. I come from Dijon, France. Dijon is located in eastern France and is the capital of Burgundy, known worldwide for its wine. 



I strongly recommend the lively market with its unique atmosphere. You may think Dijon is quite far, but Dijon mustard, the local specialty, is available in every supermarkets in Japan !



I started getting interested in Japanese culture from Graduate school.  I liked the Japanese language sounds and started to practice kanji as a hobby while studying political science in Toulouse, south of France. For the first time in Summer 2012, I set foot in Japan and traveled from Tokyo to Kagoshima for a month and a half. At that time,  I was deeply touched by the Japanese hospitality and kindness.


Alice Bonamy アリス・ボナミ

Born in: Bordeaux, in the Southwest of France.
出身地: フランス南西にあるボルドー市

Bordeaux map

Bordeaux is of course world famous for its wine, but it is also one of the largest urban spaces registered by UNESCO! The city center as a whole has been classified as a World Heritage Site, so just taking a stroll along the beautiful streets can lead to wonderful discoveries. I especially recommend the water mirror, a reflection pool reflecting the beautiful 18th century buildings of the Place de la Bourse. In summer, it is very refreshing to take a walk nearby and have fun in the mist that sprays out every 15 minutes.
ボルドーはワインが世界的に有名ですが、他の魅力もたくさんあります!例えば、中心街の全ては世界遺産に登録されています。ですので、ボルドーの道を歩く だけで素敵な発見がたくさん待っていますよ。特に、「水の鏡」をお勧めします。それは2センチの水がある敷石で、周りの「取引広場」の18世紀の建物を綺 麗に映しています。夏にそこを散歩して、15分ごとに起きる霧の中で遊ぶのはとても気持良くて、楽しいです。
Bordeaux est bien sûr très connue pour son vin, mais c’est aussi l’un des plus grands ensembles urbains classés à l’Unesco ! Tout le centre ville est classé patrimoine mondial de l’humanité, aussi juste se promener dans les rues amène à de très belles découvertes. Je vous recommande surtout le miroir d’eau, une pièce d’eau qui reflète la beauté des batiments alentour datant du 18e siècle sur la place de la Bourse. En été c’est très agréable d’aller s’y promener et profiter de la brume qui s’y élève toutes les 15 minutes environ.

Bordeaux Place de la Bourse
Place Bourse brume

Around a 1-hour drive away by car are the famous Bordeaux vineyards, with more than 57 different appellations and as many flavors to discover! My favorite ones are the Sauternais area, with its delicious amber sweet white dessert wines, the Libournais area with Saint Emilion, a medieval village also registered by UNESCO, and its fruity red wines, and the Medoc area with its various wines and especially its numerous medieval villages and marvelous beaches to discover along the road.

ボルドーから車で1時間離れると57アペラシオン(原産地呼称)のある有名な葡萄畑がたくさんあります。全部味見してみてください!個人的に好きな産地は 特別な貴腐ワインを生産する「Sauternes」;「サン・テミリオン」と言う世界遺産である中世時代の街が位置する「Libournais」です。そ この赤ワインはフルーティで大人気です。また、ワインの種類が様々、中世時代の村と綺麗なビーチが多い「Medoc」産地も面白いですよ。


A environ 1heure de route de Bordeaux se trouve le fameux vignoble bordelais, avec plus de 57 appellations de vin différentes ; autant de saveurs à découvrir ! Mes préférés sont le Sauternais, avec ses vins liquoreux ambrés si savoureux et si particuliers, le Libournais avec Saint Emilion, un village médiéval classé lui aussi à l’Unesco, et ses vins rouges fruités, et le Médoc avec ses vins très variés et surtout de nombreux villages médiévaux et de magnifiques plages à découvrir le long du chemin.

Above: Bordeaux vineyards

Left: Sauternes wine  Right: Saint Emilion  @XavierdeBordeaux


Don’t forget to enjoy the local specialties such as Saint Emilion’s almond macarons or Bordeaux’s caneles and bouchons.


N’oubliez pas aussi de déguster les spécialités du coin, les macarons de Saint Emilion, les canelés ou les bouchons de Bordeaux.


Which brings up another of Bordeaux’s charms: beach and sea! Indeed, a one-hour drive away from Bordeaux is also the Atlantic coast with its wonderful beaches in summer for sunbathing or playing in the waves. Some are known worldwide, such as the Lacanau Beach, with the international surf competition Lacanau Pro being held there every year.

ボルドーは他の大魅力があります!それはビーチです。ボルドーから1時間に大西洋の海岸があり、夏に日焼けするや波で遊ぶために完璧です。いくつかは世界 中で有名です。例えば、「Lacanau」と言うビーチには毎年「Lacanau Pro」という国際サーフ試合が行われいています。

Ce qui m’amène à un autre charme de Bordeaux : la plage ! En effet, à environ une heure de route de Bordeaux se situe le littoral Atlantique, avec plusieurs magnifiques plages idéales en été pour aller s’y prélasser au soleil et sauter dans les vagues. Certains sont même mondialement connues, comme Lacanau avec le Lacanau Pro, une compétion internationale de surf qui y a lieu tous les ans.


Also a one-hour drive away is Arcachon, a seaside town perfect for a walk with its charming villas in the Winter Town…


A une heure de route, vous trouverez aussi Arcachon, une station balnéaire très agréable à parcourir avec ses villas dans la Ville d’Hiver…

…or the tallest sand dune in Europe, the Dune of Pyla to climb…
…ヨーロッパで一番高い砂丘「Dune du Pyla」を登ったり…
… la plus haute dune d’Europe à gravir juste à côté, la Dune du Pyla…


…or the delicious oysters and mussels to savour without restraint!
…ou encore ses délicieuses huîtres ou moules à déguster sans modération !


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  1. Thank you for your invitation of 2 lectures,I want to participate 2 lectures and studying your country,especially tax,energy,education,the welfare of the aged and way of stopping atomic energy.Please recomendo us your opinion.I expect your lectures and I would like to visit your beautiful country someday.

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