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CIR in Seika (2016- present)



Previous Seika CIRs

  • Jake Biros – ジェーク ビロス
    CIR in Seika (2014- 2016)

Jake intro (2)Born in: Stillwater, Oklahoma in the United States
出身地: アメリカのオクラホマ州のスティールウォーター市

Jake intro (1)Stillwater is a small, somewhat rural town of about 50,000 people focused around Oklahoma State University. Due to its location, the town is home to an interesting diversity of scholars and farmers and provides a unique combination of internationalism and small town life.


Jake intro (3)Oklahoma is the state just of north of Texas. It is famous for having cowboys, crazy football fans and a very large Christian population. The primary industries there are oil and agriculture, but lately there has been a major boom in Aerospace technology in the area.   Some interesting facts about Oklahoma are that it is one of the states that Route 66 passes through, and that there are no natural lakes in Oklahoma, only man made ones. Oklahoma is also the initial setting of the book “Grapes of Wraith” by John Steinback.

オクラホマはちょうどテクサス州の北にあ ります。オクラホマ州はカウボーイやクレージーなアメフトファン、クリスチャンなどで有名です。主な産業は石油業と農業ですが、最近エアロスペースの企業 が増えてきました。オクラホマ州の面白い点はルート66がオクラホマに通ることと天然湖が存在しないことです。人工湖だけです。また、オクラホマ州は ジョーンスタインベックの小説「怒りの葡萄」の初めての場面です。

  • Steven Pelcovits – ペルコビッツ・スティーブン
    CIR in Seika 2012-2014

Born in: United States, Providence City, State of Rhode Island

I am from the city of Providence in the state of Rhode Island, which is the smallest state in the United States. With a population of about 180,000, Providence is both Rhode Island’s biggest city and its capital. It is one of the oldest cities in the United States, having been founded in 1636. Providence also stands out for its ethnic diversity; in addition to its famously thriving Italian community, it is home to sizable numbers of Irish, Cambodian, Dominican, Portuguese, African-American, West African, and Jewish people. Providence also boasts a number of famous colleges such as Brown University which attract students and scholars from all over the world.

アメリカの一番せまい ロードアイランド州のプロビデンス市出身です。プロビデンス市には、約18万人が住んでおり、ロードアイランド州の州都であり、最大 の都市です。1636年に設立され、アメリカの最も古い町の一つです。民族の多様性で知られており、有名なイタリア系のコミュニティのほかに、アイルラン ド系、カンボジア系、ドミニカ系、ポルトガル系、アフリカン・アメリカン系、西アフリカ系、そしてユダヤ系の人が多く住んでいます。また、ブラウン大学を はじめ、いくつかの名門大学があることでも高い評判を得ています。

  • Kai Wiesner-Hanks カイ・ウィズナーハンクス
    CIR in Seika 2010-2012  

Born in: United States, Wisconsin




One thought on “Seika

  1. Hello Jake,

    I’m so glad to know you!
    And very welcome to came my town;)
    How’s going?
    Seika peoples really shy at first but everybody so nice hope you will feel like a your own town here!

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