Chinese New Year Is Almost Here!!!

Hey, it’s Brian from KizugawaCity here.
This time I want to tell you about an important festival to many people in the world – Chinese New Year.


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Chinese New Year is the start of the year in the lunar calendar. The date changes every year, but it usually is around the end of January to the middle of February.


Taiwan foodThere are many traditions for celebrating Chinese New Year. Families prepare delicacies and gather together for a big meal on the eve of Chinese New Year. The meal typically includes a hot pot, a fish dish, dumplings, Chinese rice cake (similar to mochi), and daikon. There are many local variations of the content of the meal. In Taiwan, people eat chicken, leek, lima beans and spinach, including the root, for prosperity and longevity.


Guangdong_Nian_cake[1]With the common name “Chinese New Year,” some may think that it is only celebrated in China. Chinese New Year is also celebrated in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, US, and other countries with a significant Chinese community. In the US, there are big celebrations in many cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. A big parade is held with many performances. Chinese New Year celebration has grown into a pan-Asian fusion celebration. Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, and even Hispanic floats appear in the parade. The most iconic performance is the dragon dance. Firecrackers are lit to start the year with a bang.


LA_ChineseNewYear[1]firecracker2[1]This year, it falls on January 31st. To prepare for Chinese New Year, people clean and decorate the house with oranges and calligraphy on walls and doors. You can research online for ways to celebrate Chinese New Year. If you are looking a reason for another cleaning day, Chinese New Year is right around the corner!