Farm Festival 収穫祭

Hello everyone! This is Steven, the CIR in Seika. I’d like to write about an event I attended recently.


On Sunday, September 2nd, Seika Global Network organized a trip to the 19th Annual


Cross-Cultural Farm Harvest Festival in Fukuchiyama, in rural northern Kyoto Prefecture. After a two-and-a-half hour bus ride, everyone was glad to finally arrive and jump into the event. Those who were hungry were particularly in luck, as the event began with mochitsuki (pounding rice cakes) and nagashisomen (eating noodles being flushed down a bamboo tube). There were also stands selling different foods from around the world, such as Thai curry or Tanzanian mandazi (fried bread).

Pounding mochi


After that, it was time for a game. The children at the event were given hand fans and markers and told to get their fans signed by people from as many different countries as possible. With many different countries from all corners of the world represented, including Kenya, Armenia, Jamaica, Kyrgyzstan, Vanuatu, America, and more, this gave the kids a lot of work to do!

Food stands


After the game, everyone went over to a nearby field where sweet potatoes were growing in the ground. Everyone put on gloves and started digging with their hands or a trowel. Luckily, most people managed to finish digging out the potatoes before a sudden storm came and forced everyone to take cover under the tent. The potatoes were then set aside to be donated to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.


Eventually, the rain stopped, and people were able to leave the tent again. After a quick break for people to enjoy some delicious yakisoba, it was time for the next part of the event, a dance show. There were two street dancing performances, one group and one solo, followed by a traditional Philippine dance by a group of four women. Then came the final part of the event, a fashion show displaying dozens of traditional outfits from a variety of different countries.


Fashion show


It seemed like everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed the chance to talk with people from a wide variety of different countries and backgrounds. Here’s looking forward to next year!