Goodbye from Brian, the CIR in Kizugawa 木津川市国際交流員ブライアン氏からの退任の挨拶

July marks the season where a lot of JET Programme participants are leaving and new ones coming. 3 CIRs participating in this blog will be leaving at the end of this month: the CIRs in Kizugawa (Brian), in Seika (Jake) and at the Kyoto Prefectural International Center (Alice).

Here are a few words from Brian.




Wow how time flies. Three years have passed since I made my debut on this blog. Through the summer heat and winter chills, I have had a wonderful time living in such a pretty place like Kizugawa in Kyoto.


Through the Kyoto CIRs’ efforts, I hope more international residents can call Kyoto their comfortable home. And also I hope more natives all over Kyoto will be interested in traveling and experiencing different cultures, and become global citizens of the world. From understanding and interacting, make the world a better place. Thank you, Kyoto. See you around!




木津川市の国際交流・異文化講座「まったLEE・BRIAN」2 – Kizugawa City International Exchange Series “Comfortab-LEE BRIAN” 2




Hey, y’all.

I had my second lecture of “Comfortab-LEE BRIAN” International Exchange Series. This time I introduced the greetings and lifestyles of the US and Taiwan. I demonstrated how we greet each other in the US with David Constas, the city’s ALT, and we explained some frequently used gestures. Then, I introduced some things that are thought as “typically American” and “typically Taiwan” by people on the Internet. We debunked, explained, and discussed those myths with the participants.

In my next lecture, I would like to discuss the food culture of the US and Taiwan, as well as the localization of Japanese food. I’ll try my best to make another fun presentation!