Smart City Expo in Kyoto

Hello everyone, Mark from the International Affairs Division here.
I’d like to write a very quick post about an interesting event that was held here in Kyoto Prefecture on 26th and 27th March. Over the two days, the Kyoto Smart City Expo 2014 was held in Keihanna Plaza (26th) and at Kyoto International Conference Centre (27th), bringing together specialists and people from all over the world to discuss projects and technology surrounding “Smart Cities.”


For those of you who don’t know what a “smart city” is, it is a movement for cities to become more technologically “smart” by implementing new technology and introducing new ways of thinking to urban planning and development issues. The Keihanna Science City, in the south of Kyoto Prefecture and on the border with Osaka and Nara prefectures, is one of Japan’s 4 smart city model areas, and there are many projects and trials ongoing in this area. (

さて「スマートシティー」とは一体何でしょうか? これは、都市計画や都市開発問題を解決するために、最新テクノロジーを使ったり新しい考え方を取り入れたりして、都市を科学的にもっと「スマート」にしようという動きの名称です。京都府の南部に位置し、大阪府と奈良県の境に隣接するけいはんな学研都市は、日本では4ヶ所ある、スマートシティーの実証モデル地域の1つであり、ここでは日々多くの実験や試みが行われています。(


The Smart City Expo World Congress has been held in Barcelona since November 2011, and this event in Kyoto was the first Asian edition. Kyoto was chosen for its significance in the Kyoto Protocol, and its ongoing efforts and trials, particularly in the Keihanna Science City area, towards creating an environmentally “smart” city for the future.



With Kyoto Prefecture as joint organisers of this Kyoto expo, I was involved heavily in the translation of many of the documents that were on show during the event, and I was there on the 26th to help with interpreting for all the guests that had come from abroad to participate in the discussions and lectures.


Overall, I felt that this was a very interesting event for Kyoto, and there are plans to hopefully hold it here in Kyoto again in the future! I look forward to seeing people come from all over the world sharing ideas again.

準備段階から開催まで関わった僕にとっても、大変興味深いイベントでした。 このエキスポを、これからも京都で開催しようという話も出ていますので、ぜひ僕も再び、今回のように全世界の人々が京都で意見交換するというワクワクする場面を見てみたいと思っています!